Troubleshooting Pending schedules in TSM

Today we’ve found that one of out servers can make backups manually and works fine with polling mode, but when it is switched to prompting mode then schedule never run. After some investigation we’ve found because we thought we have a problem with port of CAD. We’ve found that TSM scheduler does not operate with data […]

Connecting with android Boxer mail app to hotmail account over ActiveSync

By default if you try to connect to any Hotmail e-mail with Boxer app (current version 2.0.0), which is a default in CyanogenOS 12s, it set up your account with IMAP and SMTP. Such setup prevents you from using your calendar and contacts. To fix this you should set up your connection with ActiveSync, but such […]

Cisco Any Connect with Windows 10 build 10061 Repairing vpn adapter

Today our network administrator applied latest patch to Cisco ASA. After that, any new connection with AnyConnect was starting update procedure, which failed every time even after reboot. I’ve uninstalled application and installed the newest version. After that any connection showed: Repairing vpn adapter Which have failed each time. To fix this I’ve changed settings […]

TSM ANS0106E error on backup or dsmc run

Recently we’ve found that one of our TSM servers stopped to back up all virtual machines. After examination of dsmerror.log files we’ve found strange messages: 03/20/2015 09:48:42 ANS0106E Message index not found for message 2252. 03/20/2015 09:49:01 ANS0106E Message index not found for message 14320. 03/20/2015 09:49:01 ANS0106E Message index not found for message 14180. And […]

Find all VMWare VMs created in a given period

To find all virtual machines created in a given period use the following SQL script: select ev.CREATE_TIME, EV.VM_NAME AS OldName from VPX_EVENT EV Where (EV.event_type = ‘vim.event.VmDeployedEvent’ OR EV.EVENT_TYPE = ‘vim.event.VmCreatedEvent’ OR EV.EVENT_TYPE = ‘vim.event.VMClonedEvent’) AND EV.CREATE_TIME >= cast(‘01.01.2013’ AS DATETIME) AND EV.CREATE_TIME <= cast(‘31.01.2014’ AS DATETIME) Output of this script will show all created […]

Restoring MSSQL database to new location from command line with IBM TSM

Just a simple commands sequence with comments. tdpsqlc.exe q tsm SOURCE_DB_NAME f /all write down Database Object Name for needed full backup. If you want to recover database backed up with options from dsm.opt file use following command: tdpsqlc restore SOURCE_DB_NAME  full /into=DESTINATION_DB_NAME/RELocate=DATA_FILE_NAME,LOG_FILE_NAME /to=PATH_TO_DATA_FILE.mdf,PATH_TO_LOG_FILE.ldf /RECOVery=no /replace /object=DATABASEOBJECTNAME If you want to recover database backed up with […]

Listing all MSSQL performed for specific database

Yesterday I’ve stuck with restoring some MSSQL database, because of incompatibility between used differential and full backups, after I’ve found correct full backup, restore process completed without any problem. The following error identifies that: The log or differential backup cannot be restored because no files are ready to rollforward The following script helped me to […]

Enable Text Console (SOL) on Windows Server 2012

After installing Windows 2012 on old Fujitsu Primergy RX200 we lost ability to manage it with serial console. We’ve even tried to update iRMC firmware with no luck. Problem was resolved after we enabled EMS (Emergency Management Services) with the following set of commands: BCDedit /bootems {Boot_entry_id} ON bcdedit /ems on bcdedit /emssettings EMSPORT:2 EMSBAUDRATE:115200 […]