Clustered MS SQL dependency on mounted volume

Recently I have added new mounted volume to Microsoft cluster (lets say disk 3 mounted at m:\history), and tried to restore some old backup to it. But after I have run SQL script I’ve immediately got an SQL error:
Only formatted files on which the cluster resource of the server has a dependency can be used. Either the disk resource containing the file is not present in the cluster group or the cluster resource of the SQL Server does not have a dependency on it.
After short searches I’ve found couple of links stating than I need to add my volume to clustered MS SQL service dependencies to operate with this volume. By the way Microsoft’s manuals does not clarify do you really need to bring clustered MS SQL server offline before adding new dependency or not. One instruction says that you should to do so and others say that you can just add new dependency without interruption.
But after I’ve tried to follow this instruction the problem have not gone, and script showed the same error. I’ve tried to add source file’s drive (lets say disk 2 mounted to m:\backups) to dependencies as well without luck. The error was resolved only after I’ve added “root” volume M:. But this volume was previously added to original disk dependencies, so disk 3 mounted at m:\history was dependent on disk 1 (M:). So it seems clustered MS SQL does not look through dependency chain and just tests the drive which starts the file path, without worrying about real dependent volume. Hope this will save your time.

vSphere Client and space key

Recently we have had a very confusing incident while trying to access one of our production virtual server through vSphere client. As linux servers in default installation redraw its console only on some event (some input or output), every time we open virtual machine with linux to see its console we need to press some key on keyboard. The problem is when you just opened console in the thick client user’s input focused on the toolbar. More precisely on its first button, which is “Shutdown”. When you press this button you’ll get confirmation dialog and input focus is on the “OK” button again. So if just opened server console, without clicking mouse anywhere, and quickly press space key two times, it will immediately shutdown you server, which will cause unplanned downtime to your production system. Very disappointing application design for industry’s leader solution. By the way, vSphere webclient doesn’t have such problems.

Error 1602 or 1618 during install of any msi packet

Recently we’ve got error installing driver on our Windows 2008 R2 server. It does not provide any specific error dialog, just constantly showing “Please wait while the application is preparing for the first use”. After you press Cancel, it gives you error message saying that installation could not be completed because other installation is in progress. The only diagnostic message in the Application log was EventID 1033 form MsiInstaller with message “Installation success or error status: 1602” or “Installation success or error status: 1618”. Which obviously not helpful. Internet search revealed, that this message is quite common and can be caused by many things.
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Error 1053 while starting NetBackUP Client Service

Recently I have stuck with error 1053 “The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion” while starting NetBackUP Client Service. But the error appeared much faster then 30 seconds which is actual service timeout, so the message was incorrect. The problem was that affected server was joined into MSCS to host SQL server group. So to backup MSSQL we run NetBackUP Client Service as domain user with rights to access SQL bases. To start service correctly domain user must have local server administrator right. After I’ve added this user to local administrator’s group error gone.